Elevate 2018 continues, with the second round of 2019 and you didn’t disappoint in Round 4!

Yet again the in-house crew Dan ‘DC’ Clayton & Luke ‘Lanksalot’ Chandler did us proud creating a mixture of challenges that baffled even our seasoned competitors!

For anyone who still isn’t quite sure what Elevate is; here’s a list of Rules & Info. These will also be printed on the reverse of scorecards from now for anyone who forgets!

Here’s a full run down of the Results so far – Elevate Results R4!

Round 5

Sunday, March 10th sees the final round of our Elevate Climbing Series and the second half of our Reading Climbing Festival.

It’s just like the rounds before (only on a Sunday!) and will be rounded off with the league final once the round has finished! The top 3 climbers from the 16+ categories will advance to our final. Don’t worry if you missed a round though, as you’re lowest round score will be dropped!

We’ll see you at the Reading Climbing Festival!