Improve your climbing with Coaching!

Our Bespoke Coaching sessions are the ideal way to make significant improvements in your climbing.

Whether you’ve hit a plateau, are looking to break into the next grade or are training for a specific competition or trip, our qualified coaches will help you work towards making those necessary improvements to take your climbing further.

Bespoke Coaching

Following an initial assessment your climbing coach will identify areas that could be improved. They will then create challenging yet realistic goals and help you develop the skills and training concepts for you to achieve them.

Training Plans

In addition, our coaches can produce a tailored training plan for you to follow in your own training time, making that transition into advanced training all the easier. This will detail what you need to do each week, whilst also addressing any areas of improvement identified in your coaching session.

With bespoke Coaching Sessions and Tailored Training Plans all on offer, the transition to training has never been so easy.

Coaching Prices

Coaching for 1 (60 mins)


Coaching for 2 (60 mins)


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