17/09/19 - 22/11/19

Climbing Coaching Clinics: Autumn 2019

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  • 7:30pm-9pm
  • £35 (£21 Members Price)
  • 18yrs+

17/09/19 - 22/11/19

Our Coaching Clinics are back, with the release of our Autumn 2019 dates.

Designed by our in-house coaching team, our Coaching Clinics will cover a variety of topics from Footwork & Body Positioning to Body Engagement & Advanced Lead Belaying.

Whether you’re new to sport or wanting to develop those more advanced skills, our Coaching Clinics are for you. Keep reading to find out more about the Clinics on offer, and the coaches that will be delivering them.


Sam Peett

Master your Footwork with Sam Peett (17/09/2019)

You’ve surely heard this once (if not a thousand times before): Climbing is all about your feet. Learning to optimally place and weight your feet reduces strain on your forearms and puts your body in a position to efficiently reach the next set of handholds. This session aims to give you more confidence in your feet and getting you to trust your climbing shoes and footholds, and move with balance and decision.

The Art of Climbing V4 with Sam Peett (24/09/2019)

Do you have a good understanding of the basics in bouldering, but struggle to move onto the next level? The difference with climbing at a V4 level is the level of technique required – and in this workshop with Sam, he will be teaching you to achieve just that.

Static vs. Dynamic with Sam Peett (01/10/2019)

The best climbing performance comes from using a combination of static and dynamic climbing. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s all about knowing when it’s best to use each one. In this session Sam will guide you through the different styles of movement at look at how to use them efficiently.


Luke Chandler

Body Engagement with Luke Chandler (10/10/2019)

Climbing hard requires a lot of correct muscle engagement and good form through hard moves. Lots of climbers also suffer with shoulder issues and can climb for years without their shoulders functioning properly, often leading to shoulder injuries or a plateau in performance. This session is designed to highlight key areas that anyone can work on, to improve footwork and body tension, stopping feet from slipping. You will be given a few quick easy workouts that will supplement your climbing.

The Art of Climbing 7a with Luke Chandler (24/10/2019)

7a may seem impossibly hard but with enough training and dedication, anyone can climb 7a. With dedication, a thorough training programme, which focuses on your strengths and weaknesses and a good understanding of what it takes to get a 7a, we can make sure you’re on the right path. In this workshop, Luke will take you step by step to achieving your goal.

Advanced Lead Belaying with Luke Chandler (31/10/2019)

Many people don’t realise the importance of the belayer in Lead Climbing. Advanced Lead Belaying is a number of things. It’s not only about keeping your climber safe, but also about being able to aide their climbing performance by building trust. It’s about safe but soft falls and attention to detail, which this workshop will bring to light.


Heather Gibbons

Body Positioning with Heather Gibbons (08/11/2019)

The key to accelerating your climbing development and enjoyment is a good grounding in the fundamental skills. Correct body positioning can make your climbing experience more enjoyable and help you get to the top of that next hard route. In this workshop we will explore how balance and positioning can be used to make your climbing efficient and look effortless.

Taking your Climbing from 6a to 6b with Heather Gibbons (15/11/2019)

Are you finding yourself stuck between these two grades? Not sure how to cross over to the next level? There are common errors we as climbers tend to make, particularly between these two grades, which may be holding us back. In this workshop, Heather addresses the bad habits we form and how to build on the skills we already have to secure the illusive 6b grade.

Conquer your Fear of Falling with Heather Gibbons (22/11/2019)

The fear of falling is probably the single thing that holds more climbers back than anything else – more than finger strength and more than poor technique. Even experienced climbers are still affected by the fear of falling but managing this fear shouldn’t be thought of as something that simply happens. It’s an ongoing process that must be continually and actively worked on. While this may sound daunting, improving your ability to climb without fear will allow you to climb far more relaxed and focus exclusively on the task of completing the climb rather than the ‘what-ifs’ of falling. In this session Heather will talk through different types of falls and how to give better and softer catches as a belayer. Heather will be able to give you some simple drills to add to your climbing sessions to help control the fear.

*Please note this session is lead based and therefore participants must be competent in lead climbing and belaying.

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