12/07/19 - 03/09/19

Climbing Coaching Clinics: Summer 2019

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  • 7:30pm-9pm
  • £35 (£21 Members Price)
  • 18yrs+

12/07/19 - 03/09/19

Our NEW Coaching Clinics continue with the release of our Summer dates.

Designed by our in-house coaching team, our Coaching Clinics will cover a variety of topics from Footwork & Body Positioning to Body Engagement & Route Reading.


Whether you’re new to sport or wanting to develop those more advanced skills, our Coaching Clinics are for you. Keep reading to find out more about the Clinics on offer, and the coaches that will be delivering them.


Tony Darley

Body Engagement with Tony Darley (12th July)

Climbing hard requires a lot of correct muscle engagement and good form through hard moves. Lots of climbers also suffer with shoulder issues and can climb for years without their shoulders functioning properly, often leading to shoulder injuries or a plateau in performance. This session is designed to highlight key areas that anyone can work on, to improve footwork and body tension, stopping feet from slipping. You will be given a few quick easy workouts that will supplement your climbing.

Steep Ground with Tony Darley (19th July)

Climbing Steep Ground efficiently doesn’t always come naturally, most people tend to pull with the arms and keep their body front on and are not use their feet to holder their weight.

This session is designed to allow you climb steep ground efficiently using good body potion rather than power. Transferring movement into the legs rather than the arms. It will also go over advanced techniques such as heel hooks, bicycles and much more…

Injury Prevention & Stretching  with Tony Darley (26th July)

This course is designed to give you exercises that will improve your performance and help you climb injury free. Big focus on Antagonistic training and proper form when training. This course is designed for people getting into training.

Anyone looking for advanced training in this area should see a physio.


Dan Clayton

Fall Practice with Dan Clayton (1st August)

The fear of falling is probably the single thing that holds more climbers back than anything else – more than finger strength and more than poor technique. Even experienced climbers are still affected by the fear of falling but managing this fear shouldn’t be thought of as something that simply happens. It’s an ongoing process that must be continually and actively worked on. While this may sound daunting, improving your ability to climb without fear will allow you to climb far more relaxed and focus exclusively on the task of completing the climb rather than the ‘what-ifs’ of falling. In this session Sam will talk through different types of falls and how to give better and softer catches as a belayer. Sam will be able to give you some simple drills to add to your climbing sessions to help control the fear.

*Please note this session is lead based and therefore participants must be competent in lead climbing and belaying.

Body Positioning with Dan Clayton (8th August)

The key to accelerating your climbing development and enjoyment is a good grounding in the fundamental skills. Correct body positioning can make your climbing experience more enjoyable and help you get to the top of that next hard route. In this workshop we will explore how balance and positioning can be used to make your climbing efficient and look effortless.

Route Training & Planning  with Dan Clayton (15th August)

So you’ve been bitten by the climbing bug but have no idea on how to approach climbing focused training. This workshop will help you understand the difference between endurance, power & strength endurance and all out power training. We will help you gain an understanding in how to structure your training sessions and get you on track for that next climbing goal.


Sam Peett

Footwork with Sam Peett (20th August)

You’ve surely heard this once (if not a thousand times before): Climbing is all about your feet. Learning to optimally place and weight your feet reduces strain on your forearms and puts your body in a position to efficiently reach the next set of handholds. This session aims to give you more confidence in your feet and getting you to trust your climbing shoes and footholds, and move with balance and decision.

Advanced Techniques with Sam Peett (27th August)

Strength is important, but it’s climbing technique that makes great climbers. When you begin focusing on the right technique, the climbing starts to get easier. The climb that looked impossible at first sight gradually starts giving you hints as you start climbing with the right moves ad techniques.

Climbing Techniques include the ways to use your feet and hands, tips to maintain balance, and ways to be more efficient while climbing. You have to master the footwork, grips, handworks, balance, and deliberate moves to preform these moves and techniques.

Route Reading with Sam Peett (3rdSeptember)

The ability to work out the sequence of a route from the ground is an essential sport climbing skill, which makes a huge difference to not only your performance climbs, but every climb. Time invested on the floor is time and energy saved on the route, and yet so many climbers are prone to just leaping on and seeing what happens. How many times have you fallen off because you’ve failed to spot your colour, or pumped out because you’ve missed a hidden hold? Route reading is a completely separate skill to climbing and your ability to plan and remember sequences will improve massively with a bit of practice. During this session Sam will look at the different levels of reading a route, and give you drills to practise in your own time to help you improve.

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