- 06/11/19

Five Ten Boot Demo Returns

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  • 6pm-10pm
  • Free with Entry

- 06/11/19

The FIVE TEN Boot Demo is BACK!

It’s been 12 months since Five Ten last held a boot demo at RCC, and what a year it has been!

Not only have they got an entire catalogue of new boots on offer, which you can #trybeforeyoubuy, oh yeah, they’ve also joined forces with the mega ADIDAS!

From the classic Anasazi Pro, to high performance Aleon, join us from 6pm, on Wednesday 6th November to sample the FIVE TEN range! Not only can you #trybeforeyoubuy, but because we’re so nice, and now run our own shop, we’ll be offering an on the night discount on all FIVE TEN boot purchases and orders!!!

See what Five Ten have to offer.