06/11/19 + 27/11/19 + 11/12/19

Off the Rock Workshops

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  • 7PM
  • £30 / £40
  • 16yrs+

06/11/19 + 27/11/19 + 11/12/19



All Things Shoulders:

If you’re shoulders are feeling a bit gummed up or you’ve notice one side’s worse than the other*

If you’re seeking a more comprehensive, individualised solution than wrist curls & therabands

If you’re rock times limited by minor niggles or you’re ‘holding back’ on the wall

This workshop is for you!

Ross is a wizard when it comes to shoulders’ – (Xian Goh)

In the workshops we’ll:

  • Simplify shoulder health for climbers
  • Check in with the curveballs & key principles for shoulders
  • Learn key self-screens to check progress and guide which exercises to choose
  • Build & practice an individualised prehab exercise routine
  • Give you exclusive access to videos of your exercises and the best progressions

Improve both your shoulder health and your rock time for the harder lines and many vertical years to come.

*If you are carrying an actual injury or more severe pain, it gets a little more complex. You’d be much better off with a comprehensive assessment one to one. Feel free to book on, you’ll likely pick up some ideas but this won’t be a magic fix.


Workshop Dates

6th Nov – 7-8:30pm, (All things Shoulders)

27th Nov – 7-9pm, (All things Shoulders & applying it on the wall with special guest coach by Xian Goh)

11th Dec – 7-8:30pm, (All things Shoulders)


…More about Off the Rock Coaching

Off the Rock Coaching was developed by Ross Gray. The idea evolved from a background working in rehab & strength merging with psyche for climbing and a keen interest the bigger picture of all thing’s shoulders.

‘As I spent more time, hearing, pulling on and working with climbers, along with my own continual studying, delving deeper into the literature and ideas out there, I realised the scope of looking after shoulders and elbows in the climbing world is very narrow, and many elements aren’t getting much attention’.

Essentially, Off the Rock coaching is about making life easier for us to support our vertical lives…

  • To take on harder lines,
  • To comeback from pain or injury & truly climb strong & confident again,
  • To traverse the growing storm of confusion & chaos that is ‘rehab’, ‘training’ & ‘nutrition’.
  • To climb healthy for all the years to come,

It’s all about movement & exercise therapy that creates a RIPPLE effect!

Shoulder Rehab & the best ways of keeping them healthy (especially rotator cuffs), is going through a transformation, where injection therapy, manual therapy and surgery are being seriously challenged in the literature by good exercise therapy…

…but the idea that rubbing it better or a generic band exercise will be this magic solution probably won’t cut it…

With a rigorous sport, a complex joint & lots of individual differences, when are things ever that simple!

If you’re seeking a more comprehensive, individualised solution than wrist curls & therabands that’s:

  • Relevant to climbers
  • Individualised
  • Practical
  • Progressive
  • Long term
  • Engaging

Check out offtherockcoaching.com or for more info get in touch at offtherock@apsfitness.co.uk

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