29/01/20 - 12/02/20

Off the Rock Workshops

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  • 7PM
  • £40
  • 16yrs+

29/01/20 - 12/02/20

Off the Rock Coaching & XIAN


Climbing well is not just about strength, power or adding fingerboarding. And it certainly is more than just technique too. It is time to bring together different perspectives for a more comprehensive approach to climbing better.

With a combined 20+ years climbing experience and 15+ years working in coaching, training & rehab:

Ross (aka Off the Rock Coaching) on rehab, strength, movement health and nutrition

Xian on climbing technique, tactics and mindset

Join us for regular workshops at Reading Climbing Centre.


WORKSHOP 1: Functional Shoulders for Climbing (29th Jan)

Ever wondered…

How is my climbing technique affecting my shoulder health?

How is my shoulder function affecting my climbing movement?

Maybe you’re…

Fed up of your shoulder getting a bit grumpy on big moves,

Noticing an elbow that’s a bit cranky in sessions

Simply wanting to look after yourself a bit more

This workshop is a more comprehensive solution than wrist curls & therabands to better manage your shoulder health.

Learn & put in to practice:

  • Key principles for shoulder health both on & off the rock
  • Self screens to assess yourself, find out how good your shoulder are & track improvements
  • Individualised prehab exercises to improve mobility & stability
  • Individualised Climbing feedback & techniques


WORKSHOP 2: Dynamic Moves (12th Feb)

Ever wondered…

How do I dyno?

How do I know if I can hold that swing without hurting myself?

Good ways to warm up to feel confident before trying shoulder-y moves?

Learn practical tips:

  • Warm up exercises to prepare for intense shoulder moves
  • Techniques to make dynamic moves easier and more controllable
  • Strategies for working out difficult dynamic moves on your own

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