External Instructors

[Please note recent changes have been applied to this policy as of January 2019]

External instruction/coaching is defined as when, in addition to our regular entry fees, money is taken by a qualified individual or other external company in exchange for instructional input on skills or movement-based climbing related techniques, within in our facility.

When using our facility qualified instructors/coaches are required to supply us with copies of their current qualifications (DCA, SPA/RCI or CWA/CWI or higher) that cover the activity they are providing, a valid insurance certificate for said activities, and a valid first aid certificate. External operators are also required to pay an external instructor fee, which covers the use of the facilities whilst they are undertaking their own commercial activities.

External instruction and coaching is prohibited between the below hours:

  • Monday 1800 – 2000                             
  • Tuesday 1730 – 2000                    
  • Wednesday 1800 – 2000                        
  • Thursday 1730 – 2000                             
  • Friday 1630 – 2000                                  
  • Saturday 0930 – 1400 (unless prior agreed – with email confirmation)
  • Sundays 0930 – 1400 (unless prior agreed – with email confirmation)

If you are planning on using Reading as a venue for operating as an external instructor or coach, then please ensure that you book in advance, as this allows us to make sure there is enough wall space for your group to have a great session!

Groups coming into the wall with an external instructor are charged as follows:


Per Session – £8
Half Day (4hrs) – £32
Full Day (8hrs) – £64


Standard peak or off-peak entry fees apply. Pre-paid passes are valid for externally instructed sessions.

Instructors are asked to work within our maximum group ratios of 1:9 and work within their relevant qualification.